One of the special benefits the brand “Travel Blue offers is a FREE Lost & Found Service.
Travel Blue products are labelled with a special FLF ID number. After registering this number, your product will be matched with your details on our website.
In case a registered product has been lost and found, we will immediately contact you with full details on how to retrieve your lost property.


Every year, tens of millions of travelers lose their personal belongings while on trips or vacations. In most cases, those items can’t be retrieved – due to reasons as forgetting where they were, being misplaced or inaccessible.

More so, in case an item has been found, there are usually no contact details on the item.

Register your FLF ID number which is attached to your Travel Blue product by clicking below


Thank you for reporting a ‘FOUND’ item, marked with an FLF ID number.

Please click here in order to register the ID number found on the item so the owner will be able to contact you.

Every year tens of millions of travellers lose their luggage, passports and other valuable personal items.In 2008, for example, 32.8 million pieces of luggage were lost.

It is estimated that nearly four million passports alone are lost every year. Many of these personal items are never reunited with their owners as there are no tracing details available.

Travel Blue’s Free Lost and Found service aims to solve this problem

at least for those travellers purchasing our products – simply by registering the item on this dedicated website.

This service is completely free-of-charge.

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