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  1. Is there a space between the letters and numbers?
    No, numbers should follow the letters without space.
  2. There were FLF ID labels in the leaflet attached to the padlock I bought. Do I need to attach it only to Travel Blue products?
    You can attach the label to any of your belongings; just don’t forget to register them on the FLF website.
  3. I lost my suitcase during my trip – will you be able to help locate it?
    If the suitcase was marked with an FLF ID label and registered BEFORE you started your trip, then there is a good chance you will be contacted. Unlike airline tags which get torn, the FLF ID label will stay firmly attached and will  help airline personnel contact you. However, if the FLF ID number was not registered before your departure, sadly, we will not be able to help.
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